Super Bowl MVP: 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes

Your Super Bowl LIV MVP has arrived in Madden Ultimate Team! Patrick Mahomes rallied the Chiefs offense in the 4th quarter by scoring 3 straight TDs and pulling off the comeback victory over the 49ers 31-20. Mahomes is an Improvisor QB with 85 SPD, 99 THP, 99 RUN, 97 TUP, 96 SAC, 94 MAC, and 95 DAC ratings. Compared to his 94 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present item, MVP Mahomes can now get the following abilities: Escape Artist, No-Look Deadeye, Fastbreak, Gunslinger, and QB Playmaker. Check out Super Bowl MVP Mahomes and his full ratings below:

You can acquire MVP Mahomes by turning in Super Bowl Present Masters Tyreek Hill and Richard Sherman and 2x Super Bowl Past Masters to earn the 99 OVR Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, the Present Masters as NAT items, and your choice of 1 NAT Past Master.

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