Super Bowl LTD Tyrann Mathieu, New House Rules and Veterans

Today's new content features Super Bowl Present LTD Tyrann Mathieu, a new set of House Rules, and a new round of Veterans. Below is a quick overview of everything new in MUT today:


The "Honey Badger" can be found in packs for 48 hrs (until 2/2 at 10 am ET) and has a quicksell value of 250,000 Coins.


A new round of Veterans hit Ultimate Team today with Charles Clay and Trent Murphy joining the program. Clay's former teams include the Dolphins, Bills, and Cardinals while Murphy's former teams include the Redskins and Bills. Check out both new items and their full ratings below:

Clay and Murphy can be found on the Auction House or in Veterans Packs which cost 3,380 Training in the store. Each pack contains an 86+ OVR Veterans player item. Click the following for a full list of Veterans.

House Rules

A new version of House Rules is live in game and for the next 7 days, we're playing "Played Out". To be a Super Bowl champ, you have to plan strategically. Your plays will go on cooldown for 5 plays after each call and can only be used twice total! Start racking up wins to earn your NAT 96 OVR Super Bowl Present Hero. You earn 600 Coins for every win and 200 Coins per loss.

Below are the Milestone Rewards for this week's House Rules event:

5 Wins: 1x Super Bowl Ticket
10 Wins: 1x Super Bowl Ticket
15 Wins: 1x Super Bowl Ticket
25 Wins: NAT 96 OVR Super Bowl Present Hero
30 Wins: 150 Trophies and 30,000 Coins
35 Wins: 150 Trophies and 30,000 Coins
40 Wins: 150 Trophies and 30,000 Coins

How do you feel about the play cooldown and limit introduced in House Rules? Share your thoughts in the comments below.