Signature Series: Jared Goff and Budda Baker

Today's return of the Signature Series Program features Jared Goff and Budda Baker. Goff is an Improvisor QB with 79 SPD, 97 SAC, 94 MAC, 92 DAC, and 93 RUN ratings. Baker is a Run Support FS with notable ratings of 92 SPD, 98 PUR, 94 POW, 94 AGI, 94 PRC, and 94 AWA. Check out both items and their full ratings below:

Goff and Baker can be found in packs for the next 48 hours (until 10 am ET on 1/18) and have quicksell values of 250,000 coins.

Will Jared Goff or Budda Baker make your Ultimate Team? Share your thoughts on today's latest items in the comments below.