Signature Series: DeVante Parker and Justin Simmons

DeVante Parker and Justin Simmons are today's latest Signature Series player items released. DeVante Parker is a physical receiver with great hands that could find his way onto the field for some teams out there. Justin Simmons is a run-stopping safety with decent speed but sub-par coverage stats considering his position (82 MCV and 81 ZCV). Check out both of the latest Signature Series items and their full ratings below:

Parker and Simmons can be found in packs for the next 48 hours (until 10 am ET on 11/30) and have quicksell values of 250,000 coins.

Harvest: Limited-Time Challenges

There is a new set of challenges available in Madden Ultimate Team until midnight EST tonight, so be sure to finish these soon! You will be taking on each NFL team that plays today. Each game will reward you with a maximum of 2,400 Coins and 100 Blitz Boltz to help you get a head start on the Blitz Program that drops tonight at 8 pm EST. Check back here for a Blitz Program overview tonight after 8!

What are your thoughts on today's Signature Series items? Are you excited for Blitz tonight? Let us know in the comments below.