NFL Draft Part III

Ok y'all, we gotta give credit where credit is due. This offseason content has been FIRE from the Madden Ultimate Today the 3rd release for the the NFL Draft program is live in the game and we have 33 99 OVR players making an appearance. All these players are former 1st RD picks, so safe to say many of these players panned out and reached their potential. Let's take a look at the players:

NFL Draft Release III

draft III sets.jpeg


  • Each of today's players has an individual set to complete
    • Exchange 2x 97 OVR and 1x 95 OVR NFL Draft Past players to earn the respective 99 OVR Past Master and his Power Up player item

draft III challenges.jpg


  • First Draft- 32 Challenges, 12,800 Coins, 128 Stars possible
    • Complete all 32 challenges and earn a NAT 95 OVR NFL Draft Past Player Fantasy Pack
    • Earn all 448 stars from all 3 NFL Draft challenges to earn a 99 OVR NAT NFL Draft Past Player

Draft III house rules.jpg


  • New House Rules is live in the game too!
    • Plays are on a 9 play cooldown and can only be used 3 times in game.
    • Earn a 89+ OVR NFL Draft Past Player at 15 wins and at 25 wins earn a 97 OVR NAT NFL Draft Past Player!