NFL Combine Program Overview

Part 1 of the NFL Combine Program released today, featuring Combine Master "Prime Time" Deion Sanders and Combine Conqueror D.K. Metcalf. Part 2 of the NFL Combine Program is currently scheduled to release on 3/2, while Part 3 is slated for 3/4. Be sure to check back on those days for the latest info on the NFL Combine Program.

***A new Team Captain Token is now available to earn. Add a Combine Player to your lineup and win 5 games before it ends on March 6th at 10 AM ET to earn the latest Token.


Combine Master

Earn Combine Master Deion Sanders by completing his set (details under "Sets").

Combine Conqueror

Earn Strength, Speed, and Dedication Combine Conqueror Tokens from Solo Challenges or Sets to upgrade Metcalf from 86 to 95 OVR. Details for acquiring Metcalf found under "Solos".

Combine Standouts

Amari Cooper (Combine Star)
Mike Gesicki
Kerryon Johnson
Marquez Valdes-Scantling
Garrett Bradbury
Drew Lock
Forrest Lamp
Jonnu Smith
Parris Campbell
Ameer Abdullah


The following new Sets have been added to Ultimate Team with the Combine Program:

  • 97 OVR Combine Master Deion Sanders- Trade in any 3x Combine Stars to earn 97 OVR Deion Sanders, his Power Up, and NAT 96 OVR Combine Stars Amari Cooper, Denzel Ward, and Alvin Kamara.
  • 96 OVR Combine Star Amari Cooper- Trade in 4x 89-93 OVR and 7x 85-87 OVR Combine Standouts to earn 96 OVR Amari Cooper.
  • Random Combine Standout- Trade in 1x 83-84 OVR and 4x 80-82 OVR Elite players to earn a random 85-93 OVR Combine Standout.
  • Combine Conqueror Tokens- Trade in 2x 85-93 OVR Combine Standouts to earn a fantasy pack with all 3 Combine Conqueror Tokens. You choose 1.
  • Conqueror Player Exchange- Trade in your 95 OVR Combine Conqueror to earn a random 93 OVR NAT Combine Standout.



Play NFL Combine Challenges to earn Combine Conqueror Tokens, Combine Conqueror D.K. Metcalf at 25 Stars, and a NAT 89-93 OVR Combine Standout at 108 Stars. Play NFL Combine Dailies to earn 85-86 OVR Combine Standout Player items. These challenges refresh every 24 hours and end on March 6th.

  • Prime Time: The Early Years- 11 Challenges, 11,550 Coins, 1x Combine Conqueror Token, 44 Stars possible
  • NFL Combine Dailies- 3 Challenges, 450 Coins, 1x Combine Standout, 9 Stars possible



The following new items can be found in the Store (cost listed first):

85+ OVR NFL Combine Player- 1,720 Training. Contains 1x 85-96 OVR Combine player.
Combine Pack- 50,000 Coins or 900 Points. Contains 2x 85-96 OVR Combine players, 2x 75+ OVR Gold or better players, 2x 70+ OVR Gold or better players, and 1x 62+ OVR Silver or better player.
3x Combine Bundle- 2,200 Points. Contains 3x Combine Packs. Limit of 4.
10x Combine Bundle- 8,900 Points. Contains 10x Combine Packs and a topper containing 3x 89-96 OVR Combine players. Limit of 3.


What are your thoughts on the NFL Combine Program so far? Who are you hoping to see in Parts 2 and 3 of the program next week?