NFL 100: R. Moss, J. Rice, S. Largent, and L. Fitzgerald

For Week 5 of the NFL Top 100 Program, EA released four of the all-time great wide receivers with Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, and Larry Fitzgerald. Each player has 3 different versions: Power Up, Base Version (85 OVR), and Centennial Version (95 OVR). The Centennial Version of each player can be acquired by completing their set that requires 25x ANY Week 5 Top 100 Base Players.

Be sure to complete the 4 new Top 100 Solo Challenges. They are not only quick and easy, but you earn 1 of the player's Power Up items after completing each game. After completing all 4 challenges, you will be awarded a Fantasy Pack to choose 1 of the 4 player's 85 OVR Base Version. If you complete all Top 100 solos over the 6-week program, you will be rewarded with a NAT Centennial Fantasy Pack. So be sure to keep up with your solos each week! Check out all of the new items and their ratings below:

Randy Moss

Jerry Rice

Steve Largent

Larry Fitzgerald

What are your thoughts on this week's WR selections? With only QBs left, who are you hoping to see in Week 6? Let us know in the comments below.