NFL 100: Deion Sanders, Devin Hester, Willie Brown, and Ray Guy

For week 3 of the NFL Top 100 Program, EA released four of the all-time great defensive backs/special teams players with Deion Sanders, Devin Hester, Willie Brown, and Ray Guy. Each player has 3 different versions: Power Up, Base Version (84 OVR), and Centennial Version (94 OVR). The Centennial Version of each player can be acquired by completing their set that requires 25x ANY Week 3 Top 100 Base Players.

Be sure to complete the 4 new Top 100 Solo Challenges. They are not only quick and easy, but you earn 1 of the player's Power Up items after each and after all 4, you receive a NAT Fantasy Pack to choose 1 of the 4 player's Base Versions (84 OVR). If you complete all Top 100 solos over the 6-week program, you will be rewarded with a NAT Centennial Fantasy Pack. So be sure to keep up with your solos each week! Check out all of the new items and their ratings below:

Deion Sanders

Devin Hester

Willie Brown

Ray Guy

Will you be adding any of today's latest NFL 100 players to your secondary or special teams?