Muthead League Season 8 - Week 2 Recap sponsored by Tyson Any'tizers

At the end of Week 2 of Muthead League Season 8, only two competitors remained undefeated. Wesley and Cleff both finished 4-0 and are currently leading their respective divisions. Cleff’s run has been remarkable in that he emerged from Week 2 with a point differential of +95, which is one point short of the maximum possible point differential.

After starting 0-2 with a point differential of -42, Trey Thomas had the biggest comeback of the week. With a convincing 27-0 win over Rage and an impressive 33-19 victory over Drini, Trey ended the week at 2-2 with a clear path to winning his division.

Week 3 is currently in progress and the following games will be played during the Muthead League Primetime broadcast:

  • TDBarrett vs. Rage
  • Kiv vs. Jwall
  • Noah vs. Fancy

Nick Mizesko and Boogz will cast each of these games live on beginning at 8:00 PM ET on Saturday 1/9.

You can find the full schedule of all Muthead League games, scores, and current standings on the Muthead League hub: