MUT Heroes Program Overview

EA Sports released the first batch of MUT Heroes content for Madden 20 this morning. The MUT Heroes program features a 90-91 OVR MUT Hero player item along with an 85-86 OVR Sidekick and an 80-81 OVR Sidekick player item for each NFL team.

This year's MUT Heroes program is split into five total releases. Today, the MUT Heroes and Sidekicks for half of the NFL teams are live. Players in the MUT Heroes program for four more teams will be released on each of these dates: 10/7, 10/9, 10/10, and 10/11. However, we have the full ratings of all of the full MUT Heroes players early so that you can see what's to come.

Here are all of the MUT Heroes and 85-86 OVR Sidekicks that were released today:

You can find all of today's 80-81 OVR Sidekicks in our database here.

10/7 Release

10/9 Release

10/10 Release

10/11 Release


Each 90-91 OVR MUT Hero player item has a corresponding set that requires both of that player's Sidekicks and between 14 and 20 MUT Heroes wildcard slots that can require an 85-86 OVR Sidekick or an 80-81 OVR Sidekick. The number and type of wildcard slots are determined by the MUT Hero's ratings.

Only sets for the 16 MUT Heroes released today are live. The remaining sets will go live with the 10/7 - 10/11 content releases.

There are also two exchange sets within the MUT Heroes Program. The first allows you to trade in any five 75-79 OVR gold player items for a random 80-81 OVR Sidekick. The second allows you trade in any five 80-81 OVR Sidekicks for an 85-86 OVR Sidekick.


There are a series of new MUT Heroes Challenges that will reward you with individual coin rewards and stars towards milestones. If you're able to earn a total of 140 stars, you will get a free 90-91 OVR MUT Hero of your choice (NAT). More Challenges and opportunities to earn stars will be available in the coming days. As of Wednesday 10/9, it will be possible to hit the 140-star milestone. Even though the sets for all 32 MUT Heroes will not be live, you will be able to choose from all 32, including the ones that have not yet been released.

If you're looking for more information on this year's MUT Heroes program, check out EA's reveal stream (VOD link) from last night.

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