MUT- Free Agency Program

Free Agency is one of the most exciting times in the NFL, and now that excitement live in Madden Ultimate Team! This program features some of the biggest stars who hit the free agent market this season (although some weren't on the market too long). The set features 18 players (6 heroes) and 2 additional masters, bringing the total to 20 items you can collect. The defensive master is none other than former Wisconsin Badger and Houston Texan turned Arizona Cardinal JJ Watt (seriously, who saw Watt going to the desert??). The offensive master is former Mississippi State Bulldog and Dallas Cowboy stalwart Dak Prescott. Both of the Masters have the ability to add any Team Chemistry on them! These items are live now! Check out all the players below:




Hero Set.png


  • Heroes can be gained by completing their respective set. Each Hero set requires a trade in of 1x 94 ovr, 1x 92-93 ovr, and 4x 87-89 ovr Free Agency Players to receive one of the Free Agency Heroes
  • Masters can be gained by completing their respective set. Each Masters set requires 2x Free Agency Heroes to earn the 98 ovr Master.
  • You can exchange any 2x 89-90 ovr, any 2x 87-88 ovr, and any 3x 85-86 ovr players to earn a random 92-94 ovr FA Player
  • Trade in any 1x 85-86 ovr, any 2x 83-84 ovr, and any 3x 80-82 ovr players to earn a random 87-89 OVR FA Player

FA Challenges.png


Each Free Agency player has a Present and Historical Solo Challenge to complete. Present challenges features the players and their team's biggest moments from this past season. Historical challenges take you back to these players biggest moments in their career (and Dak's biggest moment was apparently TORCHING THE BROWNS...I'm sorry I'm calm...its no big deal). Earining 50 stars will get out an 87+ OVR FA Player. Earning 100 stars through these challenges will earn you a 96 ovr NAT Fantasy FA Pack, which will give you a choice of any of the FA MUT Heroes

  • 40 challenges, 160 possible stars, 26,000 coins