MUT 21: Ultimate Kickoff Program (Master B. Jones and LTD B. Cooks)

The NFL season kicks off tonight with the Texans facing off against the Chiefs and to celebrate, EA has released the Ultimate Kickoff Program, featuring Master Byron Jones and LTD Brandin Cooks! A new currency (Footballs) has been added to MUT for this program and can be used to purchase Ultimate Kickoff players and Team Performance Tokens in the Store (Details under "Store"). Below is everything you need to know regarding this year's Ultimate Kickoff Program:


Master Byron Jones can be acquired by finishing his set (Details under "Sets"). LTD Brandin Cooks can be found in Packs from now until 9/12 at 10 AM ET and has a quicksell value of 250,000 Coins. The 81, 83, and 85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Players discard for Football currency while the Heroes and Master discard for Training Points.

Byron Jones - CB (Master)
Brandin Cooks - WR (Limited-Time Only)
Todd Gurley II - HB (Hero)
Trent Williams - LT (Hero)
Yannick Ngakoue - RE (Hero)
Linval Joseph - DT (Hero)
Malcolm Jenkins - SS
Robby Anderson - WR
Philip Rivers - QB
Robert Quinn - ROLB
Everson Griffen - RE
Melvin Gordon III - HB
Jamie Collins - LOLB
Chase Young - RE
Emmanuel Ogbah - LE
Javon Hargrave - DT
Jack Conklin - RT
Vonn Bell - SS
Leonard Floyd - LOLB
Cory Littleton - MLB
Eric Ebron - TE
Cam Newton - QB
Tyler Eifert - TE
Jordyn Brooks - MLB
Jeff Gladney - CB
Brandon Aiyuk - WR
Justin Herbert - QB
Patrick Queen - MLB
Ross Blacklock - RE
Isaiah Wilson - RT
Andrew Thomas - LT
Clyde Edwards-Helaire - HB
LeSean McCoy - HB
De'Vondre Campbell - MLB
Hayden Hurst - TE
George Fant - RT
Mario Addison - RE
Christian Kirksey - MLB


The following Sets can now be found in MUT as part of the Ultimate Kickoff Program:

90 OVR Master Byron Jones: Turn in all four Ultimate Kickoff Heroes (Gurley, Williams, Joseph, and Ngakoue) for 90 OVR Byron Jones and his Power Up item. You will also get to select 2 of the Heroes to get back as NAT versions.

88 OVR Hero: Exchange 1x 85 OVR, 2x 83 OVR, and 4x 81 OVR Ultimate Kickoff players to select one of the four available 88 OVR Hero players.

88 OVR Hero (NAT): Exchange 2x Hero Tokens to select one of the 88 OVR Hero players (NAT). Get Hero Tokens by playing Ultimate Kickoff challenges or H2H House Rules. You can earn 1x Token per week from challenges and 1x per week for H2H House Rules.

Team Performance Collectibles: Exchange Team Performance Tokens (acquired with Football currency in the store) for a team's Performance Collectible. This collectible will gain or lose value based on the team's real-world performance. These sets expire at 10:30 AM ET on 9/24. One set available for each NFL team.



The following new Solo Challenges and House Rules are available with the Ultimate Kickoff Program:

Ultimate Kickoff Solos

Celebrate the launch of the NFL season by taking on each NFL team. First, confront the AFC teams to earn Football currency and a Hero Token. On 9/17, take on the NFC to earn another token. Exchange the Tokens for an 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Hero (NAT).

  • AFC: 16 Challenges, 8,250 Coins, 80 Stars possible

Milestone Rewards

5 Stars: 5 Footballs
10 Stars: 5 Footballs
15 Stars: 10 Footballs
30 Stars: 10 Footballs
50 Stars: Hero Token
75 Stars: 15 Footballs
100 Stars: Hero Token
120 Stars: 20 Footballs
140 Stars: 25 Footballs
160 Stars: 25 Footballs


House Rules: Back to School

House Rules is back this year and for our first event, we are playing traditional college overtime rules. Each team will take their turn trying to score from the 25-yard line. If the game is still tied after an overtime period, there will be another overtime period. Beginning with the third overtime period, teams that score a touchdown must attempt a 2-point conversion until a winner is decided. This event is available for 7 days.

Milestone Rewards

5 Wins: 10 Footballs
10 Wins: Hero Token
15 Wins: 15 Footballs
20 Wins: 20 Footballs
25 Wins: 20 Footballs
30 Wins: 45 S1 Trophies and 3,000 Coins
35 Wins: 45 S1 Trophies and 6,000 Coins
40 Wins: 50 S1 Trophies and 9,000 Coins



The following new items can be found in the Store with the Ultimate Kickoff Program (cost listed first):

  • 81-85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player: 75 Footballs. Contains 1x 81-85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player.
  • Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack: 600 Footballs. Choose 1 of 4 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Heroes. Limit of 1.
  • Team Performance Token: 400 Footballs. Contains 1x Team Performance Token. Use this token in a Team Performance Set to receive a team specific token. The base quicksell value of the team specific item is 1k Training. If the team wins it increases by 1k and decreases by 1k if they lose. The value cannot go below 1k Training.
  • 81+ OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player: 150 Points. Contains 1x 81+ OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player. Limit of 1.
  • Ultimate Kickoff Pack: 50,000 Coins or 900 Points. Contains 1x 81+ OVR Ultimate Kickoff player, 3x 70+ Gold or better players and 1x 66+ OVR Silver or better player. Limit of 10.
  • 3x Ultimate Kickoff Bundle: 2,200 Points. Contains 3x Ultimate Kickoff Packs. Limit of 6.
  • 8x Ultimate Kickoff Bundle: 5,850 Points. Contains 8x Ultimate Kickoff Packs and a Topper of 1x additional 81+ OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player. Limit of 4.
  • 17x Ultimate Kickoff Bundle: 12,000 Points. Contains 17x Ultimate Kickoff Packs and a Topper of an Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack. Limit of 2.
  • Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack: 750 S1 Trophies. Choose 1 of 4 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Heroes. Limit of 1.
  • 81-85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player: 400 Training Points. Contains 1x 81-85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Player.


What are your thoughts on this year's Ultimate Kickoff Program? Let us know in the comments below.