MUT 21 - Super Bowl Program: Past

Part 1 of this year's two-part Super Bowl Program released today, featuring Masters Joe Namath and William Perry! Part 1 focuses on past Super Bowls and players, while Part 2 will focus on the present Super Bowl and release this coming Friday 2/5. Today's content includes 22 new player items, Super Bowl Predictor Tokens, Winning Drive Rewards, Sets, Challenges, and Store offers. Check out an overview of everything new in MUT today below:

A new ranking system (First Downs) has been added to Madden Ultimate Team for the Super Bowl Program, similar to Chill Factor during the Zero Chill Program. First Downs can be earned by completing Super Bowl Past challenges, daily objective lists, sets, or by purchasing items in the Store. Each First Down you earn will unlock a Winning Drive challenge you must complete in order to collect your reward. Five more reward tiers will be added on 2/5.

Winning Drive Rewards

Tier 1 - 10,000 Coins
Tier 2 - NAT 86-89 OVR SB Past Player
Tier 3 - Super Bowl Past Store Pack
Tier 4 - NAT 90-91 OVR SB Past Player
Tier 5 - NAT 95 OVR SB Past Hero Fantasy Pack

Predictor Tokens

Collect Predictor Tokens from Predictor Challenges. Put the Tokens into Predictor Sets to guess what will happen in the Super Bowl and earn a big payout if your predictions prove true. This mission ends at 6 PM ET on 2/6, so make your predictions by then!


97 Joe Namath (QB) (Offensive Master)
97 William Perry (DT) (Defensive Master)
96 Keenan McCardell (WR) (Hero)
96 Bob Sanders (SS) (Hero)
95 Brandin Cooks (WR) (Hero)
95 James White (HB) (Hero)
95 David Diehl (LG) (Hero)
95 Trey Flowers (RE) (Hero)
95 Cory Littleton (MLB) (Hero)
95 Lance Briggs (LOLB) (Hero)
94 Dont'a Hightower (MLB)
94 Lane Johnson (RT)
93 Devonta Freeman (HB)
93 Jaquiski Tartt (SS)
91 Damien Williams (HB)
91 Bruce Irvin (LOLB)
90 Jonathan Jones (CB)
90 Alshon Jeffery (WR)
89 J.R. Sweezy (RG)
88 Robert Alford (CB)
87 Star Lotulelei (DT)
86 Joe Flacco (QB)



The following new sets can be found in MUT under the "Super Bowl" category:

  • Offensive Master: Joe Namath - Turn in all 4 offensive SB Past Heroes for 97 OVR Joe Namath and his Power Up item. You will also receive all 4 players required by the set back as NAT.
  • Defensive Master: William Perry - Turn in all 4 defensive SB Past Heroes for 97 OVR William Perry and his Power Up item. You will also receive all 4 players required by the set back as NAT.
  • SB Past Hero - Complete this set to earn a random 95-96 OVR SB Past Hero. Requires 1x 93-94 OVR SB Past Player, 3x 90-91 OVR SB Past Player, and 5x 86-89 OVR SB Past Player.
  • SB Past Player - Complete this set to earn a random 86-94 OVR SB Past player. Requires 2x Any 85-86 OVR Elite Player, 3x Any 83-84 OVR Elite Player, and 4x Any 80-82 OVR Elite Player.
  • Prep Token Exchange: NAT 90-91 OVR Elite - Exchange 7x Super Bowl Prep Tokens for a NAT 90-91 OVR Super Bowl Elite Player.
  • Predictor Sets - Use your Predictor Tokens here to guess what will happen in the Super Bowl. Earn Coin rewards for correct predictions in these 23 total sets. The sets include predicting the winner, coin toss, MVP winner, and the first player to score a TD.



Winning Drive

Put together the game-winning drive in the final 2 minutes of the Super Bowl. Unlock these challenges by gaining First Downs (quickselling First Down collectibles). Reward tiers for these challenges can be found at the top of this article. Challenges end at 10 AM ET on 2/12.

  • Winning Drive - 5 Challenges, 10,000 Coins, 5 Stars possible


Super Bowl Past

Relive past Super Bowl moments and "what if" scenarios in these blast from the past challenges.

  • Super Bowl Past - 22 Challenges, 14,600 Coins, 76 Stars possible
  • What If? - 20 Challenges, 11,000 Coins, 60 Stars possible

Milestone Rewards

40 Stars: First Down Collectible
75 Stars: First Down Collectible
110 Stars: First Down Collectible
136 Stars: NAT 90-91 Super Bowl Past Player


Super Bowl Predictors

Complete these challenges to earn Predictor Tokens. Put the Tokens into Predictor sets to guess what will happen in the Super Bowl. Ends at 6 PM ET on Saturday 2/6.

  • Predictors - 14 Challenges, 9,100 Coins, 14 Predictor Tokens, 56 Stars possible



The following new offers can be found in the Store with the Super Bowl Program:

First Down Super Bowl Past Pack - 150 Points. Limit of 1.
93-94 OVR Super Bowl Past Player - 1,050 Points. Limit of 1.
Random 95-96 OVR SB Past Hero - 30,500 Training.
Random 86+ SB Past Player - 4,500 Training.
Random 95-96 OVR SB Past Hero - 1,300 Series 4 Trophies. Limit of 2.
Super Bowl Past Pack - 44,000 Coins or 800 Points.
8x Super Bowl Past Bundle - 5,850 Points. Limit of 6.
Legendary Super Bowl Fantasy Pack - 75,000 Coins or 1,200 Points. Limit of 10.
10x Legendary Super Bowl Fantasy Bundle - 12,000 Points. Limit of 3.


What are your thoughts on MUT's Super Bowl Past Program? Share your feedback with us in the comments below.