MUT 21: Loyalty Rewards

If you have played Madden in the past three years, you may have Loyalty Rewards waiting in Madden Ultimate Team 21! If you played Madden 18, 19, or 20 during the season in which they were released, you will receive a Madden Loyalty Reward Pack with 6 player options when you first sign into MUT 21. If you played all 3 previous years, you will get to select 3 of the 6 players. If you played during any 2 of the 3 years, you will get to select 2 of the 6 players. If you only played during 1 of the previous years, you will select 1 of the 6 players. All players selected are Core Elite, Power Up eligible, non-auctionable/non-tradeable (NAT) items. Check out the player options and their ratings below:

Loyalty Reward Player Options:

I chose Patrick Peterson, Demarcus Lawrence, and Andrew Whitworth. Feel free to roast my selections and/or let us know who you are taking in the comments below.