MUT 21 Legends: Ronnie Lott and Steve McNair

Ronnie Lott and Steve "Air" McNair are this week's newest Legends entering Madden Ultimate Team. Ronnie Lott is a Hybrid Safety with notable ratings of 91 SPD, 93 POW, 92 ZCV, and 91 PRC. McNair is a Field General QB with 85 SPD, 93 THP, 92 SAC, 91 MAC, and 90 DAC ratings. Because McNair is a 90+ OVR Field General QB Archetype, he can get the Hot Route Master Ability.

The LTD versions of Ronnie Lott and Steve McNair can be found in packs until 11/9 at 10 AM ET. The Boss version of each player can be earned by completing their corresponding set, which requires all 5 non-Boss Legend versions (85-91 OVR). The Power Up version of each Legend can be earned by completing their Legends Release 12 Solo Challenge. Take on Legends Showdown #15 to earn a Legends Token needed for the upgrade set. This challenge expires on 11/14 at 10:15 AM ET. Check out all of today's new items and their full ratings below:

Ronnie Lott

Steve McNair

Will Lott or McNair find their way onto your Ultimate Team this year?