MUT 21 Legends: Rich Gannon and Troy Vincent

Rich Gannon and Troy Vincent are this week's Legends and the first of the year to have 96 LTD versions. Rich Gannon is a Field General Archetype and the first QB in MUT who can get both Hot Route Master and Gunslinger abilities. His LTD version boasts ratings of 95 THP, 94 SAC, 93 MAC, 93 DAC, and 94 TUP. Gannon played 17 seasons in the NFL for the Vikings, Washington, Chiefs, and Raiders. Troy Vincent is a Zone CB with noteworthy ratings of 94 SPD, 95 ACC, 95 ZCV, 94 PRC, 92 MCV, and 92 PRS. Vincent played 15 years in the NFL for the Dolphins, Eagles, Bills, and Washington.

The LTD versions of Rich Gannon and Troy Vincent can be found in packs until 12/21 at 10 AM ET. The Boss version of each player can be earned by completing their corresponding set, which requires all 5 non-Boss Legend versions (87-93 OVR). You will now need 1x 93 OVR, 1x 91 OVR, and 2x each of the 89 OVR, 88 OVR, and 87 OVR editions to complete the set. The Power Up version of each Legend can be earned by completing their Legends Release 18 Solo Challenge. Take on Legends Showdown #21 to earn a Legends Token needed for the upgrade set. This challenge expires on 12/26 at 10:15 AM ET. Check out all of today's new items and their full ratings below:

Rich Gannon

Troy Vincent

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