MUT 21: How to Get Coach John Madden

Coach John Madden made his return to the store in MUT 21 today and is usually a must-have item for any serious Ultimate Team player. Coach Madden can be found under the "Competitive" tab of the Store and can be acquired for 20 Series 1 Trophies. There are currently 5 Coach Madden Collectibles available that each cost 600 Series 1 Trophies. Additional Collectibles are typically released throughout the year during each new Series. These Collectibles are used to upgrade Coach Madden's Chemistry slots and give boosts to all players of the same chemistry on your team (in previous years it boosted all players). Series 1 Trophies can be earned from competitive events such as H2H Seasons, Draft, Salary Cap, Weekend League, Solo Battles, and House Rules when they are available.



Will you be getting Coach Madden for your Ultimate Team?