MUT 20: Ultimate Kickoff Program and Signature Series

The Ultimate Kickoff Program made it's return to MUT today. The Program features some of the game's top players as Ultimate Kickoff Masters. Continue reading for an overview and to view all new player items released:

Ultimate Kickoff Masters

In order to acquire the following Ultimate Kickoff Masters, you must complete the corresponding player set that requires 120 Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles.

Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles can be earned through completing challenges or found in packs.

Seasonal Performers

A new element of the Ultimate Kickoff Program this year is the addition of Seasonal Performers. Each team is represented with 1 player item that is dynamic based on the number of wins their team earns throughout the NFL season. All of these items originally start at 83 OVR and all Seasonal Performers from teams that won in Week 1 will already be 84 OVR. Each win will add +1 OVR to these items with a max cap of 93 OVR (10 Team wins). Due to their dynamic nature, Seasonal Performers are not Power Up eligible. Get the players you want early because set requirements will increase each week (set details found in next section). Here are a few noteworthy Seasonal Performers:

For the full list of Seasonal Performers, click here.


  • Ultimate Kickoff Masters- Add 120 Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles to the Master player's set to earn that player's item.
  • Seasonal Performers- Since all teams are not created equal, Seasonal Performers will require between 15-50 Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles to complete and their set requirements will increase each week. For example, James White from the Patriots requires 50 UK Collectibles to complete while Reshad Jones of the Dolphins only requires 15 UK Collectibles. Be sure to get the Seasonal Performers you want early before the requirements increase each week!
  • Team Quicksells- As with Seasonal Performers, Team Quicksells will also require Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles and have different requirements based on the perceived strength of that team. For example, the Bears currently require 29 UK Collectibles while the Bengals only require 12 UK Collectibles. Like Seasonal Performers, set requirements for Team Quicksells will also increase each week. Team Quicksells increase in Training value the more a chosen team wins this season and are not able to be quick sold until after the season. Training Point rewards vary between 600 TP for 0-2 wins and 50,000 TP for a perfect 16 wins.


Each team has one Ultimate Kickoff Challenge for a grand total of 32 challenges. You can earn up to 5 stars and 750 coins for each UK Challenge. Through the milestones, you can unlock the following rewards at each tier:

1 Star: Ultimate Kickoff Collectible

8 Stars: Ultimate Kickoff Collectible

10 Stars: Team Captain Upgrade Token

From here, one Ultimate Kickoff Collectible is rewarded at each of the following amount of Stars: 15 , 22 , 29 , 36 , 43 , 50 , 57 , 64 , 71 , 77 , 84 , 90 , 96 , 128 , and 160 Stars.

Signature Series

In addition to the Ultimate Kickoff Program, the Signature Series Program has added 2 all-new player items in packs for a limited amount of time (48 hours). Check out the new items below:

If you're looking to pack Harrison or Kelce , you have until Saturday 9/14 at 10 am ET.

What are your thoughts on the Ultimate Kickoff Program? Will you be picking up your favorite team's Seasonal Performer?