MUT 20 Team of the Week: Preseason and New Veterans

Making it's debut this year is one of the longest running programs in Ultimate Team: Team of the Week! EA released the first TOTW players this morning, featuring Heroes Dalvin Cook and Bradley Chubb . All of this week's TOTW players can be found below:




  • Hero Cook- Add all 12 non-hero TOTW items.
  • Hero Chubb- Add all 12 non-hero TOTW items.
  • 79-82 OVR Exchange- Trade in (5x) 75-78 OVR TOTW player items from this week for a 79-82 OVR TOTW player item.
  • 83-85 OVR Exchange- Trade in (7x) 79-82 OVR TOTW player items from this week for a 83-85 OVR TOTW player item.


There are 2 new TOTW challenges available to complete this week only. Below are the reward tiers for these challenges:

  • 2 Stars- Team of the Year Token
  • 6 Stars- Gold+ TOTW Player
  • 10 Stars- 1,000 Coins


In addition to Team of the Week, EA also released 2 all-new player items in the MUT 20 Veterans program:

If you are looking to add Blount or Matthews to your squad, they can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Veterans Pack for 930 Training in the store. Each Veterans Pack contains 1 random Veterans player item. Check here for a full list of Veterans items.