MUT 20 Ghosts of Madden Past and LTD Sean Taylor

Ea released some BIG names today with Ghosts of Madden Past and Zero Chill LTD Sean Taylor! You can acquire Ghosts of Madden Past by purchasing a 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden Past pack for 10,800 Kindling in the Store. This pack gives you 1x Random Ghosts of Madden Past player item (does not include LTD Taylor). Ghost Vick can be acquired by finishing his Master set. Once you complete the Ghosts of Madden Past Set, you will receive Master Michael Vick (auctionable), his Power Up, and NAT versions of all 3 players used in the set (Jackson, Blount, and Strahan). LTD Sean Taylor can be found in packs for the next 48 hours (until 12/27 at 10 am ET) and has a quicksell value of 250,000 Coins.

Check out all the new items below:

Ghosts of Madden Past

In addition to LTD Taylor and Ghosts of Madden Past, EA also released new solo challenges. Details below:

A Mutmas Carol: 5 additional Challenges, 3,750 Coins, 50 Kindling, 15 Stars possible
The 12 Days of Mutmas: 12 Challenges, 4,800 Coins, 120 Kindling, 48 Stars possible

What are your thoughts on LTD Taylor and the Ghosts of Madden Past? Let us know in the comments below.