MUT 10: Troy Polamalu

Making his return to Madden Ultimate Team by popular demand, the final player released in the MUT 10 Anniversary program is Troy Polamalu! During his 12-year NFL career, Polamalu earned 8 Pro Bowl selections while leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to 2 Super Bowl championships. At the strong safety position in MUT, Troy has the highest current zone coverage rating (93) and is tied with Ed Reed in speed (90). Polamalu can be found in packs now until Monday 10/28 at 10 am ET. Be sure to complete his limited-time solo challenge before it expires Monday morning to earn his Power Up item and the final MUT 10 Collectible.

Here's a recap of all players released in the MUT 10 Anniversary program:

HB- Bo Jackson
LB- Patrick Willis
QB- Michael Vick
DE- Julius Peppers
WR- Randy Moss
FS- Calvin Johnson
TE- Rob Gronkowski
CB- Deion Sanders
OL- Joe Thomas
Wildcard- Troy Polamalu

If you have been keeping up with your weekly solos and have completed all 10, you will get a NAT version of the MUT 10 player of your choice. Let us know your thoughts on the MUT 10 Anniversary program and who you are selecting as your reward if you finished the set in the comments below.

As a Steelers fan, my choice is easier now. Troy stands head and shoulders above the rest. ;)