Most Feared Program Overview

One of the most anticipated programs of the year has returned to Ultimate Team, Most Feared! The Most Feared program will be released in 2 parts with part 1 today and part 2 expected sometime later next week. Similar to previous years, this program features players who will become enraged from Wednesday, 10/30 until Friday, 11/1. Enraged players in years past increased in both size and ratings, so we're anticipating a similar effect again this year.

A new currency (Bats) has been added to Ultimate Team for Most Feared. Bats can be used to purchase Most Feared packs in the store, similar to Training Points. These packs will give you Most Feared player items or Materials needed to craft MF players from their sets (details found under Store section).

Players and Sets

The Most Feared Master is 93 OVR Ray Lewis. You can acquire MF Master Lewis by completing his set that requires all 3 Heroes (Newton, Lockett, and Thomas III). Once completed, you will receive NAT versions of all 3 Heroes used in the set, plus 93 OVR Ray Lewis and his Power Up item.

The following is a list of all the other Most Feared Players along with their set requirements:

Scary Strong

Scary Fast

Scary Sharp

Cauldron Masters

The items needed to finish each Cauldron Master player's set will be rewarded randomly by playing the Cauldron challenge events and online head-to-head Haunted House Rules (details for these events can be found below under challenges). The items are also auctionable/tradeable, so you can always pick up the ones you need from the Auction House or Trade Block.

  • Michael Thomas - Requires Michael Thomas Border, Michael Thomas Background, and Michael Thomas Player Image items to complete.
  • Anthony Barr - Requires Anthony Barr Border, Anthony Barr Background, and Anthony Barr Player Image items to complete.
  • Vita Vea - Requires Vita Vea Border, Vita Vea Background, and Vita Vea Player Image items to complete.


Pun Zone: 10 Challenges (50 Stars)

Pun Zone Challenges are solo games where you can earn coins and Bats for completing each game. Be sure to get your games in before the challenges expire Friday, 11/1 at 10 am EST. Earning enough Stars from these challenges will reward you with the following:

10 Stars: Team Captain Token

20 Stars: 100 Bats

30 Stars: 85 OVR NAT Most Feared Fantasy Pack

50 Stars: 600 Bats

The Cauldron

Play in the Cauldron to earn Most Feared crafting materials and items needed to complete the Cauldron Master sets. This is a solo event where you can earn repeatable rewards for each win and even more for each star. You can only play these 10 times per day and they refresh daily at 10:30 am EST. Be aware that losses will count toward your daily limit of 10 attempts.

Haunted House Rules

Haunted House Rules is a limited-time, online head-to-head event that will last one week before a new version replaces it. This week we are playing Monster Plays. Score a 20-yard TD for 12 points or a 50-yard TD for an instant win. The first player to reach 20 points is the winner. Each win will earn you a Cauldron Pack containing Bats and Materials to help you craft Most Feared players. The following rewards can be earned this week for reaching each tier of wins:

1 Win: 10 Trophies, 5,000 Coins

5 Wins: 10 Trophies, 5,000 Coins

10 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

15 Wins: Shadow Home Uniform

20 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

30 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

40 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

50 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

60 Wins: 20 Trophies, 10,000 Coins

75 Wins: NAT Scary Hero Fantasy Pack (Choose from Newton, Lockett, or Thomas III)

80 Wins: 40 Trophies, 20,000 Coins

90 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

100 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

110 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

120 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

130 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

140 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins

150 Wins: 50 Trophies, 25,000 Coins


The following is a list of all the new Most Feared Packs found in the Store. The cost is listed first, followed by the pack contents.

Most Feared Pack- 28,000 coins or 500 points. Contains 2x 77+ OVR MF Players and 4 Silver players.

5x Most Feared Bundle- 2,200 points. Contains 5x MF Packs. (Limit of 5)

24x Most Feared Bundle- 12,000 points. Contains 24x MF Packs and an 88+ OVR MF Player topper. (Limit of 2)

85 OVR MF Player- 150 Points. Contains an 85 OVR MF Player. (Limit of 1)

Most Feared Premium Uniform Bundle- 1,000 points. Contains both light/dark MF uniforms. (Limit of 1)

Most Feared Uniform Fantasy Pack- 600 points. Choose either light or dark MF uniform. (Limit of 2)

92 OVR Most Feared Hero- 47,250 Bats. Contains 1x 92 OVR MF Hero Player.

85-88 OVR MF Player- 8,830 Bats. Contains 1x 85-88 OVR MF Player.

77-81 OVR MF Player- 565 Bats. Contains 1x 77-81 OVR MF Player.

Material Fantasy Pack- 1,050 Bats. Choose from 1x Speed, Strength, or Perception Material.

Skill Material- 95 Bats. Contains 1x Skill Material.

77+ OVR MF Player- 250 Training Points. Contains 1x 77+ OVR MF Player.

What are your thoughts on the Most Feared program this year? Will you be going for Most Feared Master Ray Lewis?