More Golden Tickets!!

Apologies on the lack of articles the last week, my wife just got out of school for the summer as a teacher and we have been out of town. But I couldn't leave y'all hanging when its GOLDEN TICKE DAYYYYY. Anybody pull anything good so far?

Today, 5 more items are released out of the Golden Ticket program, with increased odds to pull them in the first 48 hours in packs. All of these items are 99 OVR and will be a welcome addition to the squad. Today we get Appalachain State's Finest Twitch Streamer, That Guy Who Ran Down Budda Baker, The Spokesman for Head and Shoulders, Jackson Mahomes' Brother, and Rasul Douglas (couldn't think of anything clever for him). Check out the list below and let me know who you are hoping to get!