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MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving- Weekend 2 Qualifiers

The final 8 is set for the MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament, with the final four spots being filled from each consoles loser's bracket. We saw some great games in this final weekend, and we will have a breakdown of all the matchups in the coming days/weeks. For now, let's take a look at the 4 players who earned at least $15k from this past weekend:

  • Henry- 8/8. That's all you have to say for the Braidwood, IL native. Henry has made every single live event he has been eligible for, including winning his first belt at the Madden 21 Bowl: Draft Edition. Henry is a prolific passer repping the 818 crew (which by the way, Serious Moe announced that his baby boy would be named Eli in honor of Trueboy...what an amazing tribute my guy). Henry fought through an early loss and battled through the loser's bracket to make it to the final. Can Henry win his first individual belt and cement his name at the top of the all time greats?
  • BigBullyEB- Formerly known as (or currently depending on who you talk to) NeeNee, BigBullyEB bullied his way through the loser's bracket to make it to another live event, his second ever. Known for running unique offenses, NeeNee showed out with his Singleback offense, showing both run and pass dots. He was able to defeat number 1 seed SpamminButtons in the win and get in game, and you know the wiley vet will bring it come live event day.
  • KerryQ- Speaking of demons, the Kerry Close is back in a live event. No one wants to see KerryQ as their opponent, whether it is an MCS event game, a FNF, or even a MUT H2H. Kerry is now a 4x live event qualifier in the MCS, and has 4 FNF titles, good for 9th all time. Kerry is going to be an absolute pain to get out and has a real shot to take home his first belt.
  • AI-Nash- The newcome looking to make some noise, AI-Nash is making his first appearance in the MCS Live Event Scene. Nash is known around these parts as a Saloon goon, who is used to playing high pressure games with money on the line. We have seen newcomers have success recently in the MCS (Jonbeast, NBG), but can Nash add his name to the list and maybe punch a ticket to the Madden Bowl?

Stay tuned to MH for more as we break down the first round of the MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament!