Madden NFL 21 Title Update - November 19th

A small, new update is available in Madden today that includes a few gameplay and franchise updates. Below is a breakdown of what’s included in today's Title Update:

To view the EA Gridiron Notes used for today's Title Update article, Click Here.

Key Highlights:

  •  XP popup toggles in Franchise
  •  Gameplay fixes

Gameplay Updates:

  • Tuning to increase usage of AI edge-rush animations in certain formations, such as Nickel 2-4-5 Odd 
  • Fixed an issue causing a delay by defenders in man-coverage vs. RPO Bubble Routes at the snap

Franchise Updates:

  • Franchise Updates:
    • Disabled the on-field XP pop-ups above players heads during gameplay, by default
      • DEV NOTE: Based on player feedback, we have turned off the XP overhead pop-ups in Franchise gameplay by default so there would be less clutter appearing on the screen during gameplay. For users who prefer this feature, it can be re-enabled via the ‘Drive Goals & XP Feedback’ setting in the Franchise settings menu

The Yard Updates:

  •  UI and stability enhancements

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