Madden NFL 21 Superstar X-Factor: Quarterbacks

EA began their Madden NFL 21 X-Factor reveal week today with the quarterbacks. For those who may be unfamiliar, "X-Factor" is a feature first introduced in Madden 20 that gives unique abilities to some of the NFL's best players. Each team has X-Factor players that can unlock their abilities during the course of a game by achieving specific "Triggers". Below is a breakdown of this year's QB abilities:

Click the following link to view the original EA article on QB X-Factor abilities.

Zone- This is the X-Factor ability that each player gets once unlocked by completing Trigger requirements

Trigger- Achieve this requirement to activate the X-Factor ability

Knockout- Once an X-Factor player enters the zone, this is the requirement for deactivating its effects


Zone: Can’t be intercepted by AI defenders

Trigger: Three consecutive completions of 5+ yards

Knockout: Two incompletions


Pro Reads

Zone: Highlights the first open receiver while in the pocket.

Trigger: Three consecutive completions of 5+ yards

Knockout: One sack




Zone: Can’t fumble when in the zone.

Trigger: Five 1+ yard runs

Knockout: One tackle for loss



Zone: Max throwing distance increased by 15+ yards (80 yards total) when in the zone.

Trigger: One completed pass of 30+ yards in air

Knockout: One sack


Blitz Radar

Zone: Extra blitzers that are not defensive lineman are highlighted during the play.

Trigger: Three scrambles of 10+ yards

Knockout: Two sacks


What are your initial thoughts on next year's QB X-Factor abilities?