Madden Club Championship LTDs: Fitz, Murray, Peterson, and C. Jones

To celebrate the Quarterfinals of the Madden Club Championship kicking off tonight at 6 PM ET on the EAMaddenNFL Twitch channel, EA has released LTD versions of all 4 Cardinals Club Champion items. All of today's new MCC LTDs discard for 250,000 Coins and can be found in packs for a limited time or purchased on the Auction House. Check out the LTDs and their full ratings below:


Pro Tip: If you happen to pull any of these LTD items, I would recommend selling immediately or discarding for the 250,000 Coins. Since the training bypass for each item in the player's Power Up costs 16,100 or 21,900 Training and the current rate for Training is 4 coins per Training Point, you can purchase the Training Points needed for the bypass for about 65,000 total Coins for Murray or about 85,000 Coins for the other 3 players.

What are your thoughts on these LTD items? Let us know in the comments below.