Madden 20 Power Rankings: 9/12

Last week, we released our first ever competitive Madden power rankings. We plan to update and publish our power rankings every week for the top 25 players based on performances in relevant competitive Madden events.

Keep in mind that there are many top Madden players that don't regularly play in significant events outside of the MCS majors. Because of that, we have no meaningful way to include them in our power rankings if they didn't have a strong performance at the Madden Classic. If your favorite player isn't on our list, that's likely why.

Let's get to the rankings:

1. SeriousMoe
2. Henry
3. Kiv
4. Joke
5. Joe Rice
6. Cleff
7. BeastmodeMac
8. Fancy
9. Gos
10. Shikobe
11. Rage
12. Millz
13. Pavan
14. Fitzmagic
15. zTreKingz TTV
16. DaKingg
17. LilMan
18. K3rry
19. Blocky
21. Chritobin
22. Young Tony
23. Vilma
24. AKG
25. Jaybird

Other players receiving votes in no order:
Crush, Legend804, Oreo, Saint777888, VY Electrify

You'll notice the Madden Classic top finishers are still holding on to the top spots. MCS majors will always carry a lot of weight in our power rankings. The biggest mover this week was Shikobe who finds himself at #10 after not being included last week. He won FNF #31 with wins over Joe Rice, Jaybird, Oreo, TaylorGang, and Siah. Joe Rice also moved his way into the top 5 with a 2nd place finish in FNF #31.

You'll also notice a lot of players who didn't compete in any events over the past week slightly falling. That's intentional as our rankings will always be slanted towards recent performances in relevant events. Players that are not actively competing will likely continue to fall until they turn in a strong performance in their Club Championship tournament.

Who are your current top 5 Madden players in terms of power rankings? Who deserves to be in our rankings that isn't there?