Madden 20 Power Rankings: 11/14

Over the past two weeks, we have had two Friday Night Football tournaments and several Club Championship live events. This power rankings update has quite a few changes from our last update. Here is the list:

1. Henry
2. Joke
3. Wesley
4. SeriousMoe
5. BeastmodeMac
6. Millz
7. Kiv
8. Pavan
9. zTreKingz
10. Cleff
11. DCroft
12. Volterax
13. Fancy
14. MaddenElite
15. Rage
16. Saint
17. Shikobe
18. Oreo
19. DaKingg
20. TurboJeff
21. Young Tony
22. Gos
23. Blocky
24. KMaC
25. LilMan

Other players receiving votes in no order:
BiggCountry, Chritobin, Jaybird, K3rry, Noonan, and TDavis

We have a new player on top of our power rankings this week. Henry has only played in two qualifying events this year. He took SeriousMoe to a 2nd game in the Madden Classic finals but ultimately fell short. This past week, he won the Eagles Club Championship and he will be advancing to the next round to compete for $100,000.

A lot of the players that fell this week did so as a result of other players passing them due to Club Championship performances. The players that have not played their Club Championship live events yet will have the same opportunity to jump in our rankings depending on their performances.

There are several Club Championship live events to come and we host Friday Night Football every week. If you're interested in competing in FNF, fill out the form below to let us know: