Madden 20 Power Rankings: 10/3

A few of you reached out asking where our Power Rankings were last week. We've decided to scale things back slightly. There has only been one relevant tournament each week which means there just are not a lot of opportunity for players to move up or down in the power rankings. Our plan going forward is to release power rankings every other week, but as MCS action picks up with Club Championship tournaments, this may change.

Here are our power rankings for this week:

1. SeriousMoe
2. Joke
3. Cleff
4. Henry
5. Joe Rice
6. Kiv
7. Shikobe
8. Fancy
9. BeastmodeMac
10. Gos
11. Oreo
12. DaKingg
13. Rage
14. Millz
15. Fitzmagic
16. zTreKingz TTV
17. Pavan
18. Blocky
19. LilMan
20. Suspect
21. K3rry
22. BiggCountry
23. Saint
25. Chritobin

Other players receiving votes in no order:
Boogz, Canes, Hefty Who, Jaybird

The biggest movers from our last power rankings are Joke, Cleff, and Oreo—the winners of the last three Friday Night Football tournaments. SeriousMoe still holds onto the top spot with his Madden Classic championship, but top performers in more recent events are continuing to climb in our rankings.

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