Madden 20 Power Rankings: 10/17

It's time for another update to our competitive Madden Power Rankings. The only significant competitive Madden events since our last update have been the last two weeks of Friday Night Football, so those are the only tournaments that account for our changes. Here are this week's rankings:

1. Joke
2. SeriousMoe
3. Cleff
4. Henry
5. Joe Rice
6. Kiv
7. Shikobe
8. Rage
9. Saint
10. Fancy
11. BeastmodeMac
12. Gos
13. Oreo
14. DaKingg
15. Millz
16. Fitzmagic
17. zTreKingz TTV
18. Blocky
19. Pavan
20. LilMan
21. K3rryQ
22. K-Aus
23. Suspect
24. Canes
25. TMoore

Other players receiving votes in no order:
Bgfam, HunchoHodges and Jaybird

For the first time since the Madden Classic, we have a new player on top of our rankings. While SeriousMoe still holds on to the greatest accomplishment of the season so far with his Madden Classic win, Joke has continued to compete and has dominated Friday Night Football. He has three FNF championships in Madden 20 and a 26-5 FNF record.

Rage and Saint both jumped into the top 10 with Friday Night Football championships over the past two weeks. Both Canes and K-Aus made the top 25 for the first time this season with deep FNF runs and wins against top competition.

We're continuing to host weekly Friday Night Football tournaments and our prize pool has been doubled to $2,000 each week. If you think you can compete with the best players in the world, let us know by filling out this form: