Madden 20 Club Championships: Cardinals and Texans

The Madden 20 Club Championship live events kick off this week with the Cardinals and Texans. Here is what you need to know to tune in and catch all of the action:

Arizona Cardinals

Date: Thursday 10/31
Time: 4:00 PM ET
Stream Link:
Finalists: TDavis, KMac, Volterax, SurgeonTheGod

Houston Texans

Date: Saturday 11/02
Time: 3:00 PM ET
Stream Link:
Finalists: Joe Rice, Millz, ChewbaccaLemma, WrathOfGodd

TDavis and Joe Rice are both looking to defend their championships from last season, but it won't be easy. KMac was last year's runner up in Arizona and is looking to finally take home the championship. Millz looks to be Joe Rice's strongest opponent in Houston coming off of his 4th place finish at the Madden Classic.

If you tune into the Twitch stream and link your EA account, you'll receive Competitive Twitch Drop Packs for watching.

Who do you expect to win these Club Championship live events?