M20 Series Redux Training Option: P. Manning, M. Blount, and more

The following LTD player items have received a Training Option to their existing Power Ups instead of the usual Series Redux item in Madden 20 Ultimate Team. Along with the Training Option, you can add the LTD item to upgrade the Power Up instead if you prefer. Check out the list of LTD players and their Power Up below:

Peyton Manning - Power Up
Mel Blount - Power Up
Kevin Mawae - Power Up
Jessie Tuggle - Power Up
Steve Largent - Power Up
Dwight Freeney - Power Up
Daunte Culpepper - Power Up
Larry Allen - Power Up
Derrick Brooks - Power Up
Joe Montana - Power Up
Joe Klecko - Power Up

***Also, Cam Newton's Power Up and Golden Ticket items now have the option to add Patriots team chemistry.

What are your thoughts on the Training Option for the last batch of LTD items?