LTDS- Robert Woods and Kevin Byard

Its time once again for everyone's favorite game show, "What Items Are Only Available For 48 Hours in Madden Ultimate Team!" We'll come up with a better game show name in post production. It's LTD Thursday and we got two guys who I'm a big fan of in the NFL. On offense, we have former USC Trojan and one of the most consistent WRs in the game Robert Woods. The Los Angeles Ram comes into the game of Madden with 96 SPD, 99 CTH, and 98 both SRR/MRR. I've always though Woods deserved more credit as a top WR, what do you guys think?

Defensively, we get Tennessee Titan and former Middle Tennessee State Blue Raider Kevin Byard. This Zone archetype FS enters the game of John Madden Football with 95 SPD, 98 ZCV, and 98 PRC, so he will certainly be a boost in the secondary against those heavy passers. These items are available for 48 hours so make sure you start ripping and grab these studs! Check out the players (with their former teams) below!