LTDs- Raheem Mostert and Za'Darius Smith

It is time for the FINAL LTD release of the year. Let us all reminisce and fondly remember all the amazing LTD items we got this year montage of LTDs

We start off with one of the shiftiest running backs we have seen in the game of Madden. He has been a staple of the last two years of regs Madden. Ladies and gentlemen, it is former Purdue Boilermaker Raheem Mostert! Mostert comes into the game with 98 SPD, 97 ACC, and 96 COD, plus he goes on one of the best TTs in the game! Also, did you know Mostert has technically been on 7 DIFFERENT TEAMS...WHAAAAT?!?!

For the defense, we get one of the dominant pass rushing linebackers in today's game. It is none other than current Green Bay Packer and former Kentucky Wildcat Za'Darius Smith! Smith is a Power Rusher Archetype at LOLB. Smith has 91 SPD, 98 PMV, and 97 BSH so he can certainly help in both the pass and run stopping game. These two are live in packs and will be available for 48 hours so get ripping! Check out the players below!