LTD's- Harold Landry III and La'el Collins

We got Team Diamonds coming tomorrow,, we have a new title update today, and it seems like we forgot we have LTDs in the game this morning! These items are available in packs for 48 hours and, honestly, I'm not sure how many people will be clamboring to rip packs. On offense, we have Dallas Cowboy HOSS La'el Collins at RT. Collins has 92 RBK and 90 PBK, so for those running Cowboys TT he is an improvement over the RTs out there (and adds a chem for dem Boys).

On offense, we get Harold Landry III at ROLB added to Madden 22. Landry rocks 88 SPD, 92 TAK, and a hefty 93 FMV. I know that outside linebackers aren't the sexiest position, but he is the fastest and highest OVR ROLB in the game...are you going to be getting any of these players? Let me know in the comments!