LTDs- Golden Tate and DJ Reader

Thirsty Thursday is here and I know all you MUT fans are thirsty for some LTDs! We got 2 studs coming to the game, starting with former Giant, Seahawk, and Lion (and sought after free agent) Golden Tate. Tate comes in stock with 95 SPD and 97 SRR, so he can run those quick off the line routes. While maybe not the flashiest WR, there are certainly some theme teams that would love to add Golden Great. On defense, how about former Clemson Tiger and current Cincinnati Bengal DJ Reader. A beast on the line, Reader comes in with 95 STR and 98 BSH, but also owns a 92 PMV at the defensive tackle position. DTs might not be the most sought after position, but Reader is a guy who can both stop those Power O's while also getting after the QB from the interior. These LTD's are available in packs until Saturday Morning so make sure you get your hands on these LTDs. Check em out (with their former teams) below!