LTDS- Chris Godwin and Ryan Kerrigan

Its time for some more LTD's in the game of John Madden Football, and we have ourselves some strong items live right now. On offense, how about a defending Super Bowl Champion? That's right, it's former Penn State Nittany Lion Chris Godwin coming to the game. Standing at 6'1", Godwin comes into the game with 96 SPD (so that'll be a 99 with chems), 99 CTH, and 97 CIT. He has great hands and can make some specatactular plays. Defensively, the Washington Football Team gets some more defensive love (as if they needed it), with former Purdue Boilermaker Ryan Kerrigan. How is this beast still a Free Agent??? This Power Rusher archetype LE comes into the game with 98 PMV, 94 STR, and 88 SPD. Kerrigan will surely boost any defensive line that's looking for a little more power. These items are available in packs for 48 hours, so make sure you get rippin and grab them while ya can! Check out the LTDS below!