LTDS- Alvin Kamara and Benardrick McKinney

It's time once again for another two LTDs to be added into Ultimate Team, and good lord Alvin Kamara is a beast. Seriously, the former Tennessee Volunteer has appeared and made himself what I think is the best HB in the game. He has 96 SPD, 97 ACC, 98 AGI, and 97 COD...he basically has Human Joystick without needing the ability. And now it is time for a new segment called, Nick's Fun Fact of the Day!!! Today's fun fact: Alvin Kamara's agent has the greatest name in the world; Damarius Bilbo. I will be naming my first child Damarious Bilbo Mizesko.

Our second LTD of the day is current Miami Dolphin and former Mississippi State Bulldog Benardrick McKinney. This Run Stopper MLB comes into the game with 91 SPD, 94 ACC, and 97 BSH. I know linebackers aren't the most coveted position in Madden 21, but McKinney will be a great add to any Miami TT (and to anyone looking for a high BSH middle linebacker). These two items are available for 24 hours (until Saturday at 10am) and they are live in packs! Get ripping and check them out below!