LTD Ghosts of Madden Future Daniel Jones

AT 8 pm ET today, EA released LTD Ghosts of Madden Future Daniel Jones! Danny Dimes is a Field General QB with notable ratings of 85 SPD, 96 SAC, 92 THP, and 92 TUP. This item can be found in packs for the next 24 hours until tomorrow (1/1/20) at 8 pm ET and has a quicksell value of 250,000 Coins. Check out the item and ratings below:

In addition to LTD Daniel Jones, the following new items can be found in the store for a limited time (until tomorrow at 8 pm ET):

New Year's Pack- 32,000 Coins or 600 Points. Contains an 83+ OVR Elite Player, a 73+ Gold or Better Player, and 3x Silver or Better Players. (Limit of 10)
20x New Year's Bundle- 12,000 Points. Contains 20x New Year's Packs and a Topper containing a NAT Super Bowl MVP Collectible. The NAT Super Bowl MVP Collectible will become a 99 OVR Non-Auctionable, Non-Tradeable Version of the Super Bowl MVP by 2/5 after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl MVP will have a quicksell of 500,000 Coins. (Limit of 1)

What are your thoughts on LTD Danny Dimes?