Limited Time Editions: Tyler Lockett and Danielle Hunter

Give me an L! Give me a T! Give me know what it's my first week and I don't need that sort of publicity. ITS LTD THURSDAY Y'ALL!! We got two fantastic additions to your teams, starting off with someone who I think is overlooked, former Kansas State Wildcat Tyler Lockett. 95 SPD rating and a 97 DRR rating show that he is a deep threat and one to look out for. The defense adds an absolute beast LTD as well, with longtime Minnesota Viking and former LSU Tiger Danielle Hunter. No mistake this man is quick on the edge as a speed rusher, coming at you with 91 SPD, 94 BSH (to deal with those pesky runners), 97 FMV and 92 PMV which means you will get some absolutely DOMINANT pass rush moves no matter which way Hunter goes. Both players have only played for their current teams (Seahawks and Vikings respectivelly) so they only have their current team's chems. These two will be available in packs until 10am on Saturday so make sure you try and get them while they are available. Check them out below!