Limited Time Editions: Tyler Boyd and Shaquill Griffin

Tyler Boyd and Shaquill Griffin are today's latest LTD items released in Madden Ultimate Team. Tyler Boyd is a Route Runner WR Archetype with 91 SPD, 93 CTH, 92 SRR, 91 MRR, 90 CIT, and 90 SPC ratings. Shaquill Griffin is a Zone CB Archetype with notable ratings of 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 92 ZCV, 89 PRS, and 88 MCV. Both of today's LTD items can be found in packs for 48 hours until 11/21 at 10 AM ET. Because the discard value of both of today's items is 250,000 Coins, their value will never drop below that number. Check out both of today's LTD items and their full ratings below:

Limited Time Editions

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