Limited Time Editions: Nick Chubb and Byron Jones

LTD Nick Chubb and Byron Jones both released into packs this morning and can be found until 2/6 at 10 AM ET. Nick Chubb is a Power Back HB with 93 SPD, 97 BTK, 96 TRK, and 96 CAR ratings. Byron Jones is a Zone CB Archetype with 94 SPD, 96 ZCV, 96 PRS, 96 JMP, and 93 MCV ratings. Both of today's LTD items discard for 250,000 Coins and have Power Ups in-game. Nick Chubb has only played for the Browns during his NFL career, while Byron Jones has been a member of the Cowboys and Dolphins. Check out both new item's and their full ratings below:


What are your thoughts on this week's LTD selections? W or L?