Limited Time Editions: Micah Hyde and Amari Cooper

Micah Hyde and Amari Cooper are today's latest LTDs released in Madden Ultimate Team and can be found in packs for the next 48 hours until 10/3 at 10 AM ET. I know he's not Josh Allen, but Bills fans get some help today at the free safety position with Micah Hyde's LTD item. Micah is a Zone Safety Archetype with notable ratings of 90 SPD, 93 ZCV, 93 AWA, and 93 PRC. Kraelo did hint this morning that something could be coming for Josh Allen in the near future, so stay tuned! Our second LTD for today is Cowboys wide receiver, Amari Cooper. Amari is a Route Runner WR Archetype with balanced stats across the board. A few of his noteworthy ratings include 89 SPD, 90 COD, 89 RLS, 91 SRR, 89 MRR, and 88 DRR. Check out both of today's newest items and their full ratings below:

Limited Time Editions

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