Limited Time Editions: Darren Waller and Avery Williamson

Today's LTDs entering Madden Ultimate Team are Darren Waller and Avery Williamson. If you are someone who uses your TE a lot in the passing attack, Waller is a great option standing at 6'6'' with his 87 SPD, 92 CTH, 92 SRR, 89 RLS, and 89 SPC ratings. However, don't expect Waller to excel in the blocking game as his ratings in that area leave a bit to be desired. Avery Williamson is a Run Stopper MLB Archetype with notable ratings of 93 TAK, 92 PUR, 90 BSH, 87 POW, 91 PRC, and 91 AWA. Both of today's LTD items can be found in packs for the next 48 hours until 10/10 at 10 AM ET and discard for 250,000 Coins. So, their value will never decrease below that number. Check out both of today's LTD items and their full ratings below:

Limited Time Editions

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