Legends - Walter Jones and Derrick Thomas

Do you oldheads remember the cartoon The Weekenders? I legit can't remember anything other than that kicking theme song. I'M READY FOR THE WEEEEKEND! Anyways, it is time to add 2 more legends to Madden 22. A reminder these players have their own sets, where you can exchange 1 of each version of the legend to earn the boss version of the card. Legend packs in the store are updated with these two gentlemen, starting off with big Walter Jones. Jones is a Pass Protector LT with 94 STR, 95 RBK, 94 PBL, and 93 AWR. Weird that is RBK is higher than his PBK, right? On the other side of the ball we get Chiefs legend Derrick Thomas. Thomas is a Speed Rusher ROLB with 90 SPD, 92 ACC, 94 BSH, and 94 FMV/PMV. I know these guys aren't the most exciting, but with Zero Chill it was expected the Legends to be more functional than game changing. Check out both legends below and have a great weekend!