Legends: Patrick Surtain, Andre Reed, and LTD Matt Birk

Today's newest Legends are Patrick Surtain, Andre Reed, and LTD Matt Birk. With 92 MCV, 91 SPD, and 90 PRS ratings, Surtain is a solid press man cornerback option. If you're looking for a WR with sure hands, check out former Buffalo Bills receiver Andre Reed and his 90+ ratings in all 3 catching categories. Matt Birk's latest item makes a strong case for best center currently available in Ultimate Team. Just look at all those 90+ ratings in both run and pass blocking! Check out all the new items and their ratings below:

Patrick Surtain

Andre Reed

Matt Birk

The Power Up version of each player can be earned by completing their solo challenge. Boss Surtain and Boss Reed can be acquired by finishing their set that requires the 5 corresponding non-Boss player items. LTD Matt Birk is only in packs this weekend and because he is a limited-time player, he has a quicksell value of 250,000 coins.

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