Legends - Michael Vick and Charles Woodson

Well, friends, the time is finally here. Pocket passers and those e-book route combo studiers are now gonna be Heavy Panther QB Blast running pains in our butt. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Dwayne Vick is in Madden NFL 22. The former Virginia Tech Hokie is an Improviser archetype QB, rocking 92 SPD (that is not a typo), 92 THP, 92 RUN, and 90 DAC. Vick might be the move for ladders this weekend....

In another shocking turn of events, the Raiders Theme Team gets another stellar piece to their team. It is none other than the former dry heaves Michigan Wolverine Charles Woodson. Woodson is a Zone archetype CB with 91 SPD, 91 ACC, 92 ZCV, and 91 MCV. He will certainly fit on most (if not all) teams. Let me know in the comments if you are rocking with Vick this weekend!