Legends: Jerry Rice and Reggie White

EA Sports released the first regular content update to the MUT 20 Legends program today with Jerry Rice and Reggie White. Check out the full ratings on all of the new content:

Jerry Rice

Reggie White


If you're new to the Legends program or need a refresher, you can unlock the 90 OVR Legends Boss for either player by completing his Legends set. From the Team tab, select Sets. Select the set that corresponds to the player you would like to add to your team. In order to complete the set, you will need that player's other five Legends items (88 OVR, 86 OVR, 84 OVR, 83 OVR, and 82 OVR). You can find these other Legends items in packs or on the auction house. Instead of completing the set, you can always just purchase the full Legends Boss player directly from the auction house.


In order to help you get started on your path to a maxed-out Legends player, there is a Challenge for each Legends player. Head over to the Play tab, and then select Challenges. Once you're there, select Legends. The Challenges are grouped by week and there is one for each Legends player in the game.

If you're able to defeat the Challenge on the maximum difficulty and earn both bonus stars, you will receive 3,100 coins and the corresponding Legends player's Power Up item. Even if you don't plan on upgrading the Power Up, you should strongly consider doing these Challenges. If you're able to get just one star, you will earn the Power Up item. At the time this article was written, Reggie White is selling for 13,000 and Jerry Rice is selling for 10,500 on Xbox One.

If you have any questions regarding the MUT 20 Legends program, leave a comment. Good luck to those of you opening packs today!