Legends: Dave Casper and Charles Tillman

Today's latest Legends released by EA are Dave Casper and Charles "Peanut" Tillman. Casper is a sure-handed, Possession TE with 85 SPD, 92 CIT, 90 SPC, and 90 CTH ratings. Tillman is a Slot CB with 92 SPD, 89 MCV, 91 ZCV, and 87 PRS. Both of today's items work best on theme teams but could find the field for some other squads out there.

Check out all of the new items and their full ratings below:

Dave Casper

Charles Tillman

The Power Up version of each player can be earned by completing their solo challenge. Each player's Boss version can be acquired by finishing their set that requires the 5 corresponding non-Boss player items.

Will you be picking up Casper or Tillman for your Ultimate Team?